Powhatan Crime Solvers

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1 - Why would someone want to call Powhatan Crime Solvers?

Some people may not want to get involved in court procedures, however they don't want the criminal or crime to go unsolved or unpunished.

2 - Who calls Powhatan Crime Solvers?

Concerned citizens

3 - How do I get paid if I'm an anonymous caller?

You are issued a confidential code number when your information is relayed to Crime Solvers.

4 - Are the phones traced and recorded?

Powhatan Crime Solvers has separate phone lines for Crime Solvers callers. They have never been recorded or traced and never will. That would destroy the trust in our local programs.

5 - How can I help?

We are in the process of setting up information for sponsors and contributions!


A reward can be up to $1000 as determined by the Board upon consideration of the facts of each case.

Powhatan County Crime Solvers Tip Line – 804-403-HELP (403-4357)


501(c)3 Non-Profit

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